23 May
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Brown Mable

Mother’s Day morning, I woke up foggy. I’d photographed a wedding the day before, and the day after photographers frequently come down with “wedding flu” – a mix of exhaustion, achy feet and legs, and a general feeling of did-I-get-hit-by-a-bus-ness.

Anyway, I had nearly forgotten it was Mother’s Day when my lively kids crawled into bed with us in the early morning. Evan told them to tell me what they got me. Mason replied, “A brown tree!” Evan whispered in his ear a more specific description, when Mason told me they got me a “Japanese Mable.” I think that little exchange is more precious than the actual tree.

I’ve long been a fan of the Japanese Maple. Their delicate leaves, their little tree with a big tree heart proportions. But we’ve been slow about working on our landscaping (to put it generously) and this is the first year where I have at least three blooming plants in my landscaping – that I planted last year! Success! So while I’ve always admired the Japanese Maple, my frugal self wouldn’t let me purchase one. So my husband (ahem, kids) did it for me.

Last night for kicks I went out and sat my camera on a tripod, with a long exposure, then lit the tree with the tiniest flashlight we had, using a technique called light painting. I think it’s lovely. Then I let the kids play with the flashlight and “draw” whatever they wanted. Brilliant!


1 Comment

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